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Abu Bakr, the Truthful
Sara Saleem
38 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1897940 47 5 

 A short biography of the first adult male to embrace Islam, one of the closest companions of the Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be on him and on his family and Companions, and the first Khalif of the Muslims, who was renowned for his sincerity and the fact that he confirmed the Prophet in the early days, when others rejected



Umar Ibn Al-Khattab
Translated by Amal Khatab
Paperback 36 Pages
Taha Publishers , London UK

Describes the life and achievements of the second Khalif of the Muslims, a man who trusted in Allah and fearlessly supported the Prophet Muhammad, and a leader who during his time as Khalif established justice throughout the rapidly expanding Ummah. Illustrated in full color.


Uthman ibn 'Affan 
Based on The Arabic version by Mahmoud Salim Published by Arabic Studies, Beirut
Translated and Adapted By Amal Khattab
32 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1897940 32 2
Published by Taha, London uk 

A short biography of the third Khalif of the Muslims, a noble man whom the Prophet loved. Known for his gentleness and modesty, 'Uthman ibn 'Affan came to be called 'he of the two lights' because he was married to two of the Prophet's daughters, at different times. During his time as Khalif, he ensured that the written record of the Qur'an was accurate and preserved. Illustrated in colour.

'Ali ibn Abi Talib
Amal Khattab
36 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1897940 44 0 
Ref: 117t Price:£1.50

The life of the first child to accept Islam, who in the course of time became the fourth Khalif of the Muslims, and of whom the Prophet said, 'I am the city of knowledge, and 'Ali is its gate.' Renowned for his wisdom and ability to judge with equity, 'Ali was also a great warrior on the battlefield and never lost in single combat. He was honoured by his marriage to Fatima, the youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be on him and on his family and companions, and it is from their children that all the direct descendants of the Prophet are descended.

Bilal ibn Rabah
Sara Saleem
48 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 0907461 84 0 
Ref: 119t £1.50

The epic story of the first muadhdhan of the Muslims, his long and testing path to Islam, his unwavering faith in Allah, and his undying love for the Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be on him and on his family and Companions.

Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah :
 The Soldier of Islam and Guardian of the Ummah

Sara Saleem
42 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 0907461 43 3 

One of the first to embrace Islam, Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah was a great soldier in the way of Allah, a man of rare courage and pure belief who, according to one of his contemporaries, could fill this world with light and raise the banner of Islam high in the four corners of the earth. 

Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari
Translated by Sara Saleem
Paperback 48 Pages 
Price £1.50

A concise biography of the life of this famous companion of the Prophet Muhammad who was known for his love for the Prophet, blessings and peace be on him and on his family and on his Companions. Abu Ayyub al-Ansari was always at the forefront fighting in the way of Allah until he was over 80 years old

The Clear Victory
Addassamad Clarke 
32 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1897940 77 7
Ref: 109t Price:  £1.50

A vivid account of Hudaybiyyah, the Pledge of Allegiance of Ridwan and the Treaty of Peace. Taken from the sirahs of ibn Hisham and ibn Sa'd, the Muwatta of Imam Malik and the Shifa of Qadi 'Iyad.

The Last Battle for The Truth 
by: Abdassamad Clarke 
A5 51 pages Paper Back with Colour illustrations
Ref: 43t Price:£2.00   

The final battles during the life of the Prophet (SAW) from the Opening of Makkah to the Last Battle. The story uses Ka'b ibn Malik as the central point and is told in simple style and language.
Based on Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawud.
read an Excerpt 

The Battles of Badr and Uhud
translated by Amal Khatab
24 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1897940 39 4 
Ref:110t Price £1.25

Describes the first two decisive battles fought by the Prophet Muhammad and his small Muslim community, blessings and peace be on him and them, against those who attacked them. These two victories stand out as landmarks in the history of Islam from which many important lessons may be learned. Full colour illustrations.

Umar ibn 'Abd'al-'Aziz
translated by Yasien Mohamed
32 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1897940 14 9 
Ref: 115t Price: £1.50

A brief description of the life and actions of this noble descendant of the third Khalif of Islam. Of all the Umayyad rulers, the example set by Umar ibn 'Abd'al-'Aziz was by far the closest to that of the first four rightly-guided Khalifs, may Allah be pleased with all of them. In an age when great leaders are rare, this short biography reminds us that just rulers do from time to time openly appear.


The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad
Ahmad Thompson
92 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1897940 04 1
Ref: Ref: 111t Price:  £2.50

'Among the best of women were the wives of the Prophet Muhammad, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him and his family and Companions. This book is a wealth of knowledge for all Muslim women, both young and old, who wish to follow their example.

Fatima az-Zahra
Ahmad Thomson
22 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1897940 06 8
Ref: 112t Price: £1.00

'And among the best of women were the daughters of the Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be on him and them. This short biography explores the main events in the life of the Prophet's youngest daughter, Fatima az-Zahra, through whose children alone the Prophet's direct descendants are descended, blessings and peace be on all of them.

Asma bint Abi Bakr
Ahmad Thomson
30 Pages Paperback A5 
Ref: 114t Price:£1.25

A powerful and poignant portrayal of the eldest daughter of the first Khalifah of the Muslims whose long life spanned the entire period of revelation of the Qur'an and the rule of the first four khalifahs. Another powerful role model for Muslim women of all ages.
It also briefly covers Zubayr ibn al-Awwam, (the husband of Asma and one of the Ashra mubashara)  and the period of   Abdulah ibn Zubayr who was acclaimed as the Khalif after Yazid's death.

The Sahabiyat
Jamila Jones
40 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1897940 23 8 
Ref: 49tb Price £1.50

A vivid description of the lives and achievements of nine Sahabiyat during the Prophet Muhammad's era, blessings and peace be on him and them. Their unwavering faith, courage and sacrifice are always an inspiration for young Muslimahs.
Ideal for Young Girls.


Published In India 550 Pages Hardback 
Ref 154 ak Price: £4.99
AL-FAROOQ The Life of OMAR The Great (Second Caliph of Islam)
By Prof Shibli Nu'mani Hardback 472 Pages
Published in India Translated by Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
Ref:159tn   Price: £4.50
Ar-Raheeq Al Makhtum  (The Sealed Nectar)
Safiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri
Islamic University Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah  Hardback 588 Pages 
Ref: 158 tm Price £9.95
by: H.U. RAHMAN 
Paper Back 283 Pages
Ref: 116t Price: £7.00


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