"….He has not placed any Hardship upon you in Religion…" [TM Qur'an  22:78]

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Classical and Contemporary Muslim and Islamic Books in English 
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Praise belongs to Allah alone. May Allah bless our master Muhammad, and his
Family, and Companions, and grant them peace. We know, assent, believe,
confess with certainty, and testify, that there is no god but Allah, Alone
without partner. He is a Mighty God, a Great King. There is no lord beside
Him, and we worship none than He. He is Ancient and Pre-Existent, Eternal
and Everlasting. His firstness has no beginning, neither has His lastness
any end. He is Solitary, Self-Subsistent, neither begetting nor begotten,
matchless, without partner or peer. There is nothing that resembles Him, and
He is the Hearer, the Seer. [Qur'an 42:11]

"And we confess that His holiness (Exalted in He!) renders Him beyond time
and space, beyond resembling anything in existence, so that He cannot be
encompassed by directions, nor be subject to contingent events.

"Say: if the ocean were ink (wherewith to write out) the words of my Lord, sooner would the ocean be exhausted than would the words of my Lord, even if we added another ocean like it, for its aid". [TMQ Al-Kahf:109]

" One who goes out to search for knowledge is (devoted) to Allah till he returns" (Tirmidhi and Darimi) from Mishakat 
  "The best of the people are my generation, then those after them, then those after them..." Muslim

Classical and Contemporary Muslim Books in English
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Belief and Practices 

Ash-Shifa of Qadi 'Iyad: Muhammad Messanger of Allah

Simply Told 
Science & Nature 
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Bidayat al Mujtahid
Bidayat al-Mujtahid wa Nihayat al-Muqtasid (the Distinguished Jurist's Primer) by Ibn Rushd

Tafsir & Sira by Imam Ibn Kathir

The Qur'an Arabic Text With Corresponding English Meanings
Revised and Edited by Saheeh International
Size A5  Hardback
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All Articles 
Trans: Meaning of the Qur'an 
Classical Biographies 
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Tasfir Al-Qurtubi, Classical Commentary of the Holy Qur'an 

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"And say: truth has  arrived, and falsehood has  perished: for falsehood is ever  bound to perish." [TMQ Al-Isra:81]

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