Divorce Its History, Legislations and Modern Reality
Compiled by Samir Elatar
Translation by Muhammad Habib Bewley 
Editors AbdalHaqq Bewley and Muhammad Isa Waley 
Paperback 128 Pages
Published by Dar Al Taqwa London UK

A difficult but highly important topic is dealt with by the Author who is a trained expert on the Legal aspects of Marriage who has advised hundreds of couples.

What should be done in cases of  breakdown of relationships? Must the partners stay in the hell they have made? Or may a way-out be found for them? Orthodox Christianity says blankly. "No divorce!" But Islam more realistically faces the consequences of irreparable breakdown as a fact, and provides a way-out. Every possible safeguard is laid down in the statute book to prevent such a way-out by divorce being abused.



Marital Discord: Recapturing the full Islamic Spirit of Human Dignity
By  Dr Abdul Hamid A Abu Sulayman 
Foreward by Katherine Bullock 
Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought, London Washington IIIT
Paper back Pages: 30 ISBN: 1-56564-401-8
Occasional Paper Series II 
Series Editors Dr Anas S Al-Shaikh-Ali & Shiraz Khan 

The Qur'an speaks of living with each other on a footing of love, kindness, mercy and mutual consultation between husband and wife. It also addresses those times when the atmosphere is strained. 

This paper examines the issue of marital discord with a deep sensitivity to the perspective of women. Criticising an approach to the Qur'an that is misogynistic rather than emancipatory the paper moves the debate  forward by introducing an alternative interpretation of the Qur'anic text dealing with the issue of marital discord. The explanation is fresh, firmly on the side of women's human rights and recaptures the full Islamic spirit of human dignity.

Dr Abdul Hamid A Abu Sulayman  is the President of The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT),  a private, non-profit, academic and cultural institution, concerned with general issues of Islamic thought. The Institute was established in the United States of America in 1981 (1401 AH). 

Woman in Islam By  B.Aisha Lemu, Fatima Heeren 

Woman in Islam
B.Aisha Lemu, Fatima Heeren
ISBN: 0-86037-004-6
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation UK
Paperback 52 Pages: 

During the last fifteen years since I came to accept Islam," writes Aisha Lemu, "I have been asked many questions about the Muslim way of life by non-Muslim friends and acquaintances. The ignorance of the ordinary educated Westerner about Islam is almost total; but the area where the vacuum of knowledge has been most effectively filled with misinformation is possibly concerning the role of women," she adds in the first chapter of this stereotype-shattering book.

Woman in Islam is written by two Western converts to Islam: Lemu, who is from England and Fatima Heeren, who is from Germany. It is a brief and clear exposition of the Islamic perspective on women's rights in Islam written by two educated Muslim women.

It includes chapters on "sticky" topics like polygamy, Islamic dress code for women and men, arranged marriages, inheritance laws and more. It also has a solid and well-written discussion of Muslim family life.

written by Muslim women who know both civilizations, Islamic and Western. It is a wonderful resource for public school libraries, as a gift for non-Muslims and Muslims, as well as an addition to your personal library.

This was a presentation before the international Islamic conference organised by the Islamic Council of Europe in 1976


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Raising Children According to the Qur'an and Sunnah
[Faramarz Bin Muhammad Rahbar]

Publisher: Abul Qasim Publishing House (Saudi Arabia), 1415 Hijra
Pages: 95 Binding: Paperback

Raising children is a great responsibility. Parents must be constantly alert to prevent their children from going astray. This is a tremendous challenge in itself, and it is multiplied for those Muslims who must raise children in non-Islamic environments, where social and peer pressure often clash with many Islamic principles and ideals. Parents CAN cope with the problems of raising children if they strive to do so according to the Quran and Sunnah. The author attempts to describe essential educational components for parents, along with ideological, intellectual, psychological, social, ethical, sexual and physical educational components.