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PARENTING SKILLS Based on the Qur'an and Sunnah
[With Practical Examples for variouss Ages]
By Dr. Ekram & Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir
Paperback 129 Pages
Amana Publications USA

The Beshirs, a wife/husband team, who co-authored two best-selling books on parenting Meeting the Challenge of Parenting in the West, an Islamic Perspective and Muslim Teens and Blissful Marriage: A Practical Islamic Guide have conducted very successful workshops on parenting skills for Muslim families in North America and overseas. In this book they present the workable skills that parents participating in these workshops have found most rewarding.

"Very professional, well researched, and pretty lively. Where were you 16 years ago? I wish I could start all over with the knowledge I gained from your workshop." An attendee from South Africa. "It was a very joyful experience. I learned so much more than I ever expected. An amazing and thought provoking workshop." An attendee from Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Ekram is a medical doctor by profession, with a background in child psychology. She is the founder and principal of Abraar full time Islamic school and Rahma School, a weekend Arabic and Islamic school, in Ottawa, Canada. She is the recipient of the Director's Citation Award of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board for the year 2000 for her contributions in the area of education from among 7000 employees in the board. She has been very active with the Muslim community in Ottawa in the areas of study circles, children and youth camps, sisters programs, and marriage counseling. She has traveled extensively to various parts of the world to present parenting workshops. She has also authored other books for teaching Arabic to Muslim children living in Non- Arabic speaking countries.

Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir is an engineer by profession, with over 25 years of experience in Da'wa work in North America. He has held various positions with MSA and ISNA on both local and national levels. He is a member of the training and development department of the Muslim American Society (MAS). He is a regular speaker in ISNA, ICNA, MSA and MAS conventions. He is actively developing and delivering training programs to various Muslim communities all over the world. He is the recipient of The Ottawa Muslim Association and the Ottawa Muslim Community Circle recognition awards for years 1993 and 1999 for his volunteer Islamic work



Building Muslim Families
Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari
88 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1 842000 41 1

This book provides a practical approach to bringing the teachings of Islam to life in a family environment in the modern world. Marriage and family life have their courtesies and cannot be reduced to rights and duties.

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari is an educationalist with a PhD and PGCE from King's College London and a management degree from the Open University. He has worked as an Air Force Officer, Researcher in Physics, Science Teacher and now as SEN Specialist in London and has broad experience in Da'wah and Youth and Community work, having held senior positions with organizations like the Muslim Council of Britain and the Islamic Forum Europe. Dr. Abdul Bari is a member of the Inner Cities Religious Council and Pan-London Advisory Group on Faith, is a facilitator of Race Equality Unit's (REU) 'Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Parent Programme' and writes extensively on youth and community issues. He is passionate about faith and community regeneration, with a view to achieving common good for humanity. He is married with four children


Educating Your Child in Modern Times
Educating Your Child in Modern Times : Raising an Intelligent, Sovereign, & Ethical Human Being 
(John Taylor Gatto, Hamza Yusuf Hanson)
Paperback 82 Pages
By  John Taylor Gatto, Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Dorothy Sayers
Publisher: Alhambra Productions (2003)
Pages: 82 Binding: Paperback

Based on a conference held May 10 and 11, 2003, in Berkeley, California.

These essays are required reading for anyone interested in what happened to a country that once contained some of the most brilliant minds in history and, now, cannot even produce a literate, independently thinking individual. Who dumbed down America, and how did they do it? John Taylor Gatto gives some insights into this coup; Hamza Yusuf Hanson delves into the meaning of education from a holistic perspective, and Dorothy Sayers, in very concise and at times humorous language, describes what a real education entails. These readings are a must for anyone concerned about protecting their children from an educational system designed to provide anything but an education.

The dynamic relationship between John Taylor Gatto and Hamza Yusuf was extraordinary: both men share a knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter, and a purity of intention, which left an indelible mark on every heart in the audience. In bringing you this production, we hope to share the wisdom of a special and most empowering weekend




Meeting the challenges of parenting in the west
By Dr. Ekram Beshir and Mohamed Rida Beshir
Amana Publications USA
SC 240  pages (6" x 9")

An excellent guidebook and manual helping parents raise their children, offering sound Islamic principles coupled with child psychology. This refreshing and positive book offers parents practical advice about the upbringing of young children. Included are case studies and, what sets this book apart from others, the testimonials of the authors' children. The authors relate how the first wave of Muslim immigrants struggled to build Masjids and centers for their communities to establish a Muslim presence in North America. Now, however a much more complicated effort is required for parents to concentrate on the developing the Muslim personality in their children to assure the continuation of the practice of Islam. An easy and hands-on guidebook. Very uplifting and positive

This book covers most of the social issues related to parents, husbands, wives, and children. It is beneficial for all members of the family, those starting out on family life and those families which have already developed as a basic unity of society."



Muslim Teens Today's Worry Tomorrow's HopeBy Dr. Ekram Beshir and Mohamed Rida Beshir
Amana Publications USA

From the preface: Teen years we are told by society are the time for school dances, house parties, and road trips, the time for underage drinking, for dating, for casinos and gambling, the time for exploring and discovering, discovering beer, discovering drugs, discovering the opposite sex, the time for finding yourself; teen years, we are told, are the time of your life.

Teen years are the paradoxical highlight of life in the western world. They are the time in which one is bombarded with knowledge and freed from responsibility. Teens have the privileges of an adult and the responsibilities of a child; teens rebel by conforming; the stand out by melting into their group of friends. Being a teen means wanting independence but not having the wisdom it requires; it means having energy and conviction and needing a cause to which to devote them.

 For those of you who, by the will of Allah, wish to instill knowledge and wisdom into their independent teens, to give their teens the Islamic cause into which they can pour their energy and conviction, those who wish to raise teens who can raise the Ummah, this book is for you."

Dr. Ekram Beshir and Mohamed Rida Beshir are a Husband Wife Team
Dr. Ekram Beshir is a medical doctor by profession. She was born in Egypt and has been living in Canada sicnce 1975.While rasing her four children, she has developed excellent knowledge of and experience in child psychology. Currently, she is volunteering her time as the director of Rahmah school in Ottawa, Canada, a weekend Arabic and Islamic school. She is very active with the Muslim community in Ottawa in the areas of study circles, children and youth camps, sisters programs, and marriage counseling. She has trveled within North America presenting parenting and stress management to Muslim communities.

Muhamed Beshir is an engineer by profession. He has over 20 years of experience in da'wah work-having held various positions with MSA and ISNA on both the national and local levels, and participated as a speakers in ISNA conventions as well as the English program of MAYA conventions. He may be seen regularly delivering Friday Khutbahs in Ottwa-area mosques and Islamic schools. He is the current vice president of Muslim American Society(MAS) for canada (a society that promotes self-improvement and dedication to Islamic work)and a member of its traning programs to Muslim communities in North and South America in the areas of time management from the Islamic perspective, strategic planning, and tarbiyah. He has traveled all over the world participating in various Islamic workshops and programs.










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