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The Interpretation of The Meanings of The Noble Qur'an in the English Language 
(New Large Siize Appx 14.5 x 22 Cm, Slightly Smaller than A4 Size)
A Summerized Version of :
At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi and Ibn Kathir with Comments from Sahih Al-Bukhari
Hardback 927  Pages
Arabic-English with footnotes and detailed index.
White Paper
English Translation by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali, PH.D (Berlin)
Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan
The Arabic text is taken from Mushaf al Madinah.
Publishers :Maktaba Dar-US-Salam

The Noble Qur'an is a widely popular translation by Islamic University - Madina scholars Dr. Muhsin Khan and Dr. Taqi-ud-Din Hilali. It features frequent footnotes gleaned by the translators from Tafsir At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi and Tafsir Ibn Kathir, and Sahih-al-Bukhari.
It is unique, remarkable and distinguished for its crystal clear, precise and pristine meanings. The work is recognised, approved and widely attributed throughout the world
Offers commentary and hadith related to the verse. This unique combination of commentary and relevant Ahadith makes this a very useful study reference tool.

Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan Formerly Director, University Hospital Islamic University, Al-Madinah AI-Munawwarah Saudi Arabia
Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan, a specialist of heart diseases who worked for sometime in England, then moved to Saudi Arabia , he has worked as the Director of El-Sadad Hospital (Ta'if) for the Chest Diseases, Chief of the Department of Chest Diseases in the King's Hospital (Madina) and Director of the Islamic University Clinic, Al-Madinah

The two shared in the translation of the meanings of the interpretation of the Qur'an, Sahih Al-Bukhari and the book Al-Lulu-wal Marjan into the English language during the period of their stay at the Islamic University (Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah).


Surat Al-Fatiha (The Opening) 1

1. In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
2. All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the Alameen (mankind, jinns and all that exists).
3. The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
4. The Only Owner (and the Only Ruling Judge) of the Day of Recompense (i.e. the Day of Resurrection)
5. You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything).
6. Guide us to the Straight Way
7. The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace , not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians).


The Holy Qur'an
English Translation By 
Marmaduke Pickthall
Urdu Translation By 
Maulana Fateh Mohammed Jallendhri
Hardback 600+ Pages

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