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Tajweed Qur'an : Color coded : Uthmani script ('al-mushaf al-tajweed) 
Arabic Only Large w/Case 

Tajweed Quran with Quran words meaning (Arabic) on the margin (Tafseer Wa Bian) and Quran topics index
666 Binding: Hardcover
Hardback A4 Size (Large) With Case  
Published by Dar-Al-Maarifah, Damascus Syria

This is a deluxe, hardbound Tajweed Quran , imported from the Middle East. It features distinct colors for each tajweed rule, making it easier to follow and correct your tajweed recitation of the Holy Qur'an.

Description of Colour Coding from the Publishers Website
ALLAH (SWA) ordered us in his holy book to recite the Quran with tajweed …"recite the quran modulatingly." the system of tajweed serves as a guide to improve the style of quranic recitation . It was in this way that the holy quran was revealed to prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and also the manner in which he recited it. Therefore, the reader of the holy quran longs to achieve the promise of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH):"whoever recites the quran correctly and proficiently will be with the bountiful dutiful writers (the angels of the preserved tablet - Al lauh Al Mahfuz).

Based on a practical understanding of phonology, we have color-coded the place of some letters to facilitate the correct recitation of the holy quran. This had enabled us to classify these letters within 3 possible categories to enhance the reader's knowledge and remembrance of tajweed rules.

  1. The letters which requires expanded vocalization. We used red color to highlight these letters.

  2. The letters which is nasalized. These letters are green in color.

  3. the dark blue color indicates the emphatic of the letter (R), the blue color indicates the unrest letters-echoing sound- (qualquala)

While the letters which are written but are not pronounced. These letters are gray in color.

The reader will get used to reciting the quran by using color just as he got used to stopping at red lights and passing though green lights. By engaging I this sublime act, the reader will find him self applying 24 rules of tajweed with ease and precision while his mind is left free to contemplate and understand the meaning of holy quran.

It is an honor for Dar Al-Maarifa to offer the holy Quran in printed form,.....

'....... and recite the Qur'an in slow, measured rhythmic tones.'
{TM Qur'an Al-Muzzammil  73:4}



"Read! And your Lord is Most Generous, 
Who taught by the pen,
 taught man what he did not know."

We are exposed to the Qur'an every day of our  lives. How many of us do  actually make the  effort  to ponder, contemplate and reflect upon it's meaning?

The Qur'an in Plain English
(Arabic-English) 30th Part Translation
Translated by : Iman Torres - Al Haneef
Pages: 236. Paperback ISBN: 0-86037-233-2
Ref: 56m Price: £6.95 

Simplified Arabic with  English.
The first book to simplify the meaning of the Qur’an for children, young people and adults. Supplemented with many explanatory notes and a glossary, it is also ideal as a textbook for schools and Madrasahs. Suitable for Key Stages 2 and above.
No excuses with this Excellent  translation of the most widely  read part of the Qur'an -
 in plain English +  Arabic (also easy to read) 
Highly recommended  specially as a regular read to Children . (30th part deals mainly with the very Basic Principles  of Islam) and thus  can be an excellent  way of introducing them  to essential Principles and Values.. View  4 Pages from this Book

Understanding the Glorious Qur'an
Part 30 of the Qur'an, (Juz Amma). Arabic Text and Translation. 
By Mahmud al Hasan and Shabbir Ahmad Uthmani
Paperback. pp152
Ref:  148 uu Price: £4.95

Presented in a beautiful and unique layout to aid non-Arabic speakers to understand the meaning of the Qur'an - is a carefully rendered into modern English version of the famous Urdu translation and commentary Mudih al-Furqan commonly known as Tafsir 'Uthmani (of which this is the 30th part).
This tafsir by two of the most renowned scholars of Islam from the Indian subcontinent in the 19th century, Shaikh-ul-Hind Maulana Mahmud Hasan and his student 'Allama Shabbir Ahmad 'Uthmani is regarded as the most authentic rendering of the meaning of the Glorious Qur'an in any language. It was initially an adaptation of Shah 'Abdul Qadir Muhaddith Dehlawi's translation and commentary known as Mudih al-Qur'an which according to many great 'ulama' is devinely inspired and accepted by all Muslims.

Juz 30
The Qur'an: Translation and Study
Dr. Jamal Un Nisa Bint Rafai
146 pages Paperback A4 ISBN 189740 35 4 
Ref 39t Price: £5.95

This fourth volume in the series has been especially researched and written to fit in with the curriculum of all madrassahs throughout the world. Young students should be encouraged to understand and learn the meaning of the surahs which they regularly recite in their daily prayers. Begins with Surat'an-Naba (78) and ends with the last surah of the Qur'an, Surat'an-Nas (114).


"For without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction"  [TM Qur'an 13:28]

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