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Yusuf Islam - A Is for Allah - 2CD (Cat stevan's) 
Number of Discs: 2
Running Time (aprox.): 60 mins
Languages): English

Narrated by Yusuf Islam
Qur’anic recitation by Sheikh Muhammad Gibreel
English translation read by Imam Hamza Yusuf
Songs sung by Zain Bhikha
Guest appearance by Raihan
Adhan by Muazzin of Makkah

It took 20 years for Yusuf Islam to develop A is for Allah from a song to a monumental and attractive work. 

[Ages 3 & Up] With 8 songs, this exciting double album takes its name from the title track written by Yusuf Islam after the birth of his first child. It reflects his emphasis on early education and the new spiritual horizons that he reached. Based on the 28 letter Arabic alphabet, A is for Allah bursts with rich sound effects and features the voices of Hamza Yusuf as well as Shaikh Muhammad Gibreel, who recites the Quran. The lead singer is Zain Bhika, a popular artist from South Africa who performs the title track, Turn Allah and other songs.
The book (sold separately)  comprises of 68 beautiful full colour pages and over 40 photographs describing, for children and adults, the essence of Islam through the Arabic alphabet.

This CD is a  good source for the classroom and for accompanying children and of course it is good for all those Cat Stevan's Fans (That unique voice and rhythm) 


Night of Remembrance - Double CD
Number of Discs: 2
Running Time (aprox.): 1h 20min
Language(s): English, Arabic and Zulu

Songs by:
 Yusuf Islam (including Peace Train), Zain Bhikha, Native Deen and Khalid Belrhouzi. 
In addition to the songs the CD will also include talks by;
 Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Abdal Hakim Winter and Prince Naseem Hamed.

Night of Remembrance commemorated 20 years of Islamia Schools. Held at the Royal Albert Hall on 20th October 2003, Yusuf Islam was joined by friends from around the world to celebrate this anniversary and share the universal message of peace.

For more information and mutimedia content please visit Night of Remembrance Official Website.

Track Listings

CD1: The Songs
Introduction - Sarah Rhalem
I Look, I See - Yusuf Islam
Praise to the Prophet (pbuh) - Zain Bhikha
Selawat - Khalid Belrhouzi
Al Fatiha (in Arabic) - Sarah Rhalem
God is the Light - Yusuf Islam
Childrens ideas for peace - Sarah & Ahmed
Native Deen Introduction
Intentions - Native Deen
Madad - Khalid Belrhouzi
Nkosi Sikelel 'iAfrika - Zain Bhikha
Our World - Zain Bhikha
Tala 'al-badru 'alayna - Faeeza Malinga
Drug Free - Native Deen

Save Me - Native Deen

A word of thanks - Yusuf Islam
Peace Train '03 - Yusuf Islam
Tala 'al-badru 'alayna - Yusuf Islam & Friends

CD2*: The Talks
Al Fatiha (in Arabic) - Imad el-deen Halawi
Thankfulness - Abdal Hakim Murad
A Prayer - Prince Naseem Hamed
People of Hope - Hamza Yusuf Hanson

* - Multimedia content with film excerpts and photos from the Event plus biographies

About Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevans):
Born Steven Demetre Georgiou, the son of a Greek Cypriot father and Swedish mother, Yusuf Islam grew up above the family shop in London’s theatre district, situated at the northernmost junction of Shaftesbury Avenue and New Oxford Street, near the heart of London’s West End.

While studying at Art College he was auditioned by a record producer, Mike Hurst, formerly of the pop-folk trio the Springfields. The resulting tracks impressed the Decca Record chief so much that the young artist - now known as Cat Stevens - was selected to launch the new Deram Label, which also signed new British talent such as David Bowie and the Moody Blues.

Cat Stevens went on to become one of the biggest solo artists of the 1960s and 1970s, penning such classics as Matthew & Son, Moonshadow, Wild World and Father & Son and selling over 50 million LPs.

Following a bout of TB early in his career he undertook an ongoing search for peace and ultimate spiritual truth. After almost drowning in the Pacific Ocean at Malibu he received a translation of the Qur'an as a gift from his elder brother, David. His spiritual quest for answers was fulfilled and he embraced Islam in December, 1977. Six months later he changed his name to Yusuf Islam, walked away from the music business to start a new life and raise a family.

Today, Yusuf Islam is arguably one of the world's most famous converts to Islam. His pioneering work in the field of education resulted in securing a landmark decision by the British government to certify and support Islamic education throughout Great Britain. The three schools he founded in London’s Brent district – Islamia Primary, Islamia Girls' Secondary and the Brondesbury College for Boys – consistently top the borough’s examination league tables. [For More please visit http://www.yusufislam.org.uk/biodata.htm ]


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