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Ummer Ibn Alkhataab: His Life And Times (Audio CD Set) 
By Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki (18 CD's)

Al-Basheer Publications
A Set of 18 CD's Beautifully Presented in a Zip Case

This series of lectures covers the different aspects of the life of Ummer Ibn Alkhataab(R.A.).

Omar ibn al-Khattab (Radi'Allaho Anho), the second of the Rightly Guided Khaliphs of Islam, made an inconceivably large contribution not only to the geographic spread of Islam, but to the establishment of  justice and intellectual freedom as well. 

His reach extended as far as Persia, Egypt, and Anatolia, and he defeated towering empires such as the Sassanids and the Byzantines. 

Such a rapid expansion of the Islamic world would merit acclaim in itself, but Omar (RA) did not stop there; his purpose was not to conquer lands in the name of Islam, he sincerely wanted to establish peace and justice in accordance with Allah's  way. Thus, he began what would be known as the Islamic judicial system, improved the economic system, developed a calendar, and united the Muslims

Imam Awlaki brings to life stories from the golden era of Islam in a dynamic style and instills in the listeners a deep love for the Beloved of Allah (P.B.U.H.)

Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico, USA. His parents are from Yemen where he lived for eleven years and received the early part of his Islamic education. Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki has served as an Imam in Colorado, California, and Washington D.C. Currently he resides in Yemen.

Table of Contents

  • CD1
    • Introduction
    • His character
    • His life before Islam
    • Embracing Islam
  • CD2
    • Hijrah
    • Umar and the Quran
    • Jihad with the Messenger of Allah
  • CD3
    • Jihad with the Messenger of Allah (cont.)
    • Incidents in Madinah
    • Some of his virtues
  • CD4
    • His virtues (cont.)
    • The Advisor of Abu Bakr
  • CD5
    • His appointment as Khalifah
    • The inaugural address
    • Foundations of Government
  • CD6
    • Foundations of Government (cont.)
    • Life as the Khilafah
  • CD7
    • Umar with his family
    • Umar and the Household of the Prophet
    • Umar and the society
  • CD8
    • Umar and the society (cont.)
  • CD9
    • Enjoining good and forbidding evil
    • Attention to Islamic rituals
  • CD10
    • The nightly patrols
  • CD11
    • The famine
    • The plague
  • CD12-13
    • Umar with his governors and army generals
  • CD14-15
    • The Opening of the Persian Empire
  • CD16
    • The Roman Front
  • CD17
    • Comments on the Conquests
    • Dreams
  • CD18
    • His last days


    Biography of Bilal  Bin Rabah : Caller to Prayer
    2 Audio Cd's 
    Published by Darussalam
    The Golden series of the prophet's companions

    A few, people stand in the face of tyranny with endurance when they believe in the true and eternal message of Islam. 

    This CD sheds  light on the life and struggle of one of the greatest example of endurance. Bilal bin Rabah (R) whom Islam changed from a weak slave to a great hero, stood firm in the face of oppression and hence taught generations to come how a Muslim should act when his Faith is challenged. 
    He was the only Mu'adhdhin (caller to prayer) during the lifetime of the Prophet (S) His emblem all his life was 'Allah is One, Allah is One.'


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