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Alphabet Jigsaw (Alif, baa, taa)
Box Dimensions 19x18x7.5cm
Assembled size 51.5x41.5cm
25 Pieces 
Emaan Productions UK 

Made from quality materials, this puzzle will provide hours of fun and learning the Arabic Alphabet 
Each Letter accompanies an animal corresponding to that letter. This will encourage language development and key learning skills.

Hand Eye Co-Ordination 
Language Development
Shapes and colour
Easy Surface 



Puzzles Wudhoo & Salaah (ablution and Prayer) 
& Printed:  Asim Ismail, VISION Printing Publishing Distribution
Recommended for 4-10 Year Olds
33 Pieces Salaah & 33 Pieces Wudhoo Puzzles
1 Interactive CD
1 Book 
1 Tell a Friend Card 

Imported so the outer box could be slightly bruised 

Description from the Publisher 

Have they mastered their? If not yet, then puzzles "Wuhdoo & Salaah" will teach them to you in an exciting and fun way! By matching the colorful pieces of the puzzles, you will easily learn the actions of Wuhdoo and Salaah.

The book included with the puzzles will describe to youin details of Wuhdoo & Salaah as well as introduce the key Arabic terms you should know. 

For making your learning even easier, we have included with the puzzles an interactive CD. Play this puzzle together with your friends and test their knowledge of prayers!


The Boy and the King
DVD Video
1hr 18min, Ages 3 to Adult.

The story is taken from an authentic narration of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which explains the reference to ‘The People of the Ditch’ (Ashab-ul-Ukhdood’) in Surah Burooj (TM Qur’an 85:4)

This is the inspirational animated story of Obaid who lived at  the time of an evil king who wants to be worshipped himself - above Almighty God. Obaid becomes the apprentice of the king's sorcerer and his tempted by dreams of power, but one day his soul is awakened when he meets a pious monk who teaches him about Allah.
In this exciting and dramatic story the boy struggles to teach the  truth to others, but his wicked king tries desperately to kill him. 

Details taken from an authentic hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) mentioned in Sahih Muslim. It explains the background of "The People of the Ditch" mentioned in Surah Burooj.

Now, through the marvel of animation, your family can journey back in time to relive Obaid’s epic struggle. This video is the second release from the makers of Fatih-Sultan Muhammad, the most popular Islamic video ever. It includes the first-ever soundtrack of Islamic songs in English, performed by young Muslims – and it is sure to be another Muslim family favourite

Salawat (CD) Mesut Kurtis
Awakening Media (October 2004)
CD 39 Mins 08 Secs

Salawat is a compilation of nasheeds in praise of Allah and His final Prophet Muhammad (s) by Mesut Kurtis. It was produced by the international nasheed artist and composer Sami Yusuf and a special track also features him. This album also contains the famous Burdah of Imam Al-Busairi.  It includes the following tracks:

1. No One but Allah
2. Salawat
3. Burdah
4. Never Forget
5. Ya Ilahal kawni
6. Alayka
7. Tala al-Badru Alayna
8. O Allah (featuring Sami Yusuf)

Click here to listen to a sample of this product

Mesut Kurtis

Mesurt Kurtis was born in July 1981 in the Macedonian capital of Skopje. He comes from a scholarly family of Turkish origin. He came to the UK at a young age to pursue his studies. Mesut showed a strong interest in Islamic Nasheeds from a very young age. His beautiful, powerful and passionate voice was noticed very early on, leading him to join several nasheed groups in Macedonia that performed locally, and also made several international visits including performances in Turkey and neighbouring places. Mesut is also a gifted multi-linguist, being fluent in five languages, and this is wonderfully portrayed in his first nasheed album: Salawat, which features songs that beautifully and seamlessly combine Arabic, Turkish and English. Mesut graduated from the European Institute of Human Sciences, Wales, UK in Shari'ah Studies.



Owen Alik Shahadah's  African Holocaust - Dark Voyage
Halaqa Media 
Audio Documentary and CD-Rom with Video Footage 

African Holocaust: Dark Voyages is our best production to date. An epic voyage tracing the history of the African Holocaust (MAAFA): History's darkest human tragedy. A saga of human horror hidden between myth and obscurity. The forced exodus of entire generations of Africans to the New World . A horrendous trade in human cargo, which would build and reshape the World forever, leaving a legacy that, would haunt our World today. Dark Voyage is a powerful educational tool, a cultural dialogue (dawah), historically revealing. 
Dark Voyage is a state-of-the-art Audio-documentary and CD-ROM with video footage written/produced by African people. A new standard of audio production, pushing the 24-bit benchmark, crystal clear surround sound. Digitally recorded, mixed and mastered on state of the art Mackie desk. TRT 1HR 15 MIN.




Sami Yusuf : Al-Mu'allim (The Teacher) [Nasheed CD]
As Seen on UK Islam Channel (Sky Digital  836 Nasheed Programme)
Awakening Records July 2003 
CD 40 Mins 26 Secs

Product description:

Al-Muallim is a compilation of some ground-breaking nasheeds by Sami Yusuf. It is intended to provide an Islamic alternative for the Muslim youth that is vibrant and enjoyable to listen to and is produced to the highest standards of composition, singing, sound production and engineering.  It includes the following tracks:

1. Al-Muallim
2. Who is the Loved One?
3. The Cave of Hira
4. Allahu
5. The Creator
6. Meditation
7. Ya Mustafa
8. Supplication

About the performer:

Sami Yusuf was born in July 1980. He was born into a musical family and thus music played an integral part in his life. Sami’s initial training came from his father, who is an internationally renowned composer, poet, and a multi-talented musician. Sami learnt to play many instruments at a very young age and gradually began to show a keen interest in singing and composing. At the age of eighteen, he obtained a scholarship to study composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London, one of the world’s most prestigious music institutions. Sami has been composing from a very young age and his beautiful voice is supplemented by his extensive knowledge of notes and harmonies. He also has a good understanding of music theory and the Middle Eastern modes (or Maqams) and solfeggio. Indeed, it is rare to find a person who has all these talents. Sami is also a devoted practicing Muslim who sees songs as a means of promoting the message of Islam and encouraging the youth to be proud of their religion and identity.


We once had a Teacher
The Teacher of teachers,
He changed the world for the better
And made us better creatures,
O Allah we’ve shamed ourselves
We’ve strayed from Al-Mu'allim,
Surely we’ve wronged ourselves
What will we say in front him?
O Mu'allim...


He was Muhammad salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam,
Muhammad, mercy upon Mankind,
He was Muhammad salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam,
Muhammad, mercy upon Mankind,
Teacher of all Mankind.
Abal Qasim [one of the names of the Prophet]
Ya Habibi ya Muhammad
(My beloved O Muhammad)
Ya Shafi'i ya Muhammad
(My intercessor O Muhammad)
Khayru khalqillahi Muhammad
(The best of Allah’s creation is Muhammad)
Ya Mustafa ya Imamal Mursalina
(O Chosen One, O Imam of the Messengers)
Ya Mustafa ya Shafi'al 'Alamina
(O Chosen One, O intercessor of the worlds)
He prayed while others slept
While others ate he’d fast,
While they would laugh he wept
Until he breathed his last,
His only wish was for us to be
Among the ones who prosper,
Ya Mu'allim peace be upon you,
Truly you are our Teacher,
O Mu'allim..


Ya Habibi ya Muhammad
(My beloved O Muhammad)
Ya Shafi'i ya Muhammad
(My intercessor O Muhammad)
Ya Rasuli ya Muhammad
(O My Messenger O Muhammad)
Ya Bashiri ya Muhammad
(O bearer of good news O Muhammad)
Ya Nadhiri ya Muhammad
(O warner O Muhammad)
'Ishqu Qalbi ya Muhammad
(The love of my heart O Muhammad)
Nuru 'Ayni ya Muhammad
(Light of my eye O Muhammad)
He taught us to be just and kind
And to feed the poor and hungry,
Help the wayfarer and the orphan child
And to not be cruel and miserly,
His speech was soft and gentle,
Like a mother stroking her child,
His mercy and compassion,
Were most radiant when he smiled

Abal Qasim [one of the names of the Prophet]
Ya Habibi ya Muhammad
(My beloved O Muhammad)
Ya Shafi'i ya Muhammad
(My intercessor O Muhammad)
Khayru khalqillahi Muhammad
(The best of Allah’s creation is Muhammad)
Ya Mustafa Ya Imamal Mursalina
(O Chosen One O Imam of the Messengers)
Ya Mustafa ya Shafi'al 'Alamina
(O Chosen One O intercessor of the worlds)

Lyrics and Composition: Sami Yusuf
Producer: Sami Yusuf
© 2003 Awakening



Square the Circle : American Muslim Comedy of Distortion (audio CD) Azhar Usman

Voice: Azhar Usman
Media: Audio CD (1)
Total running time: 47:40
Listen to an online sample:
  • sample track 3     (260K MP3)
  • sample track 7     (260K MP3)
  • sample track 11     (260K MP3)

    Product description:

    Azhar Usman, in association with Awakening (UK Strategic Alliance Partner), is proud to present: SQUARE THE CIRCLE: American Muslim Comedy of Distortion

    About the CD:
    SQUARE THE CIRCLE: American Muslim Comedy of Distortion is a pioneering work by American Muslim standup comedian Azhar Usman. Hilariously entertaining comedy in its essence, SQUARE THE CIRCLE is a fascinating insight into life and living as a Muslim in 21st century America. Unique in its genre because of his rigorous ethical and moral standards for clean humor, Usman's comedy is G-rated fun for the whole family. By balancing self-deprecation, introspection, and everyday observational humor, Usman has made an important cross-cultural contribution to the comedic arts—particularly at a time when Western Muslims struggle to carve out their unique cultural space like the minority Muslim communities before them, by doing the seemingly impossible: squaring the circle.

    About the Title
    “Square the circle” is an expression of geometric and theological significance. Though a simple expression incorporating two simple shapes, its complexity lies in the logically impossible task of reconciling the two with one another, much like the paradox of man in relation to the Divine, a circle on top of a square (as architecturally represented by a traditional mosque structure of a dome atop a cube), or even being an “American Muslim.” See Faith in the Future: Islam after the Enlightenment, by Abdal Hakim Murad, online at:

    “Comedy of distortion” is a specific comedic technique or pattern of ethnic humor that involves the distortion of stereotypes and pre-existent audience perceptions. See Theories of Ethnic Humor: How to Enter, Laughing, by John Lowe, in the American Quarterly, pages 453-4 (1986).

    01 Disclaimers (2:38).
    02 Salam Diversity (2:31)
    03 Media Hype (3:42)
    04 Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.) (3:52)
    05 Inside Your Local Mosque (feat. Uncle 'Letmesplainyou') (4:20)
    06 Converting Is-hard (2:26)
    07 Culture versus Religion (4:38)
    08 Iqamat al-Din (feat. Sheikh Abdul the Radical Imam) (3:19)
    09 Cats & Doggs (3:35)
    10 Nomenclature (2:24)
    11 Fair Trial in America (3:21)
    12 Family Feud (2:02)
    13 Uncivil Rights (2:48)
    14 No Laughing in Prayer (2:32)
    15 Foot in the Sink (3:26)



Say: 'Bad and good are not equal, even though the abundance of the bad may dazzle you; so be conscious of Allah , O people of understanding, that you may prosper.'"
TM Quran, 5:100


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