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Tales from Rumi

Jalaluddin Rumi
Translated by Iftekhar Bano Hussain

This book contains little stories from the Mathnawi that are based on Qur’anic wisdom. The stories have a directness and clarity which are a delight to the young and which are a treasure chest of wisdom in later life. This is a treasure chest for both children and adults alike. Illustrated in colour. Recommended for ages 11 and over as well as adults.

32 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 1 897940 69 6


The Hidden Debt to Islamic Civilisation
by S.E. Al Djazairi
Paperback, 526 Pages 
Published by Bayt Al-Hikma Press, UK

This is a unique book. You may be aware of a few of the contributions of Islamic Civilisation to the history of humanity and the world we live in today. For example, many people know about the Islamic origins of Algebra and Arabic Numbers. However, much of this history remains obscured, and hidden from view. 

This book places many aspects of the profound impact of Islamic Civilisation into plain view and shows how it has been suppressed and distorted.

Western historians, in general, have removed the Islamic source with regard to every single change that affected science and civilisation at the origin of Western civilisation, and modern civilisation, and then, each and everyone has substituted a number of explanations for such changes within their field of study. This systematic suppression of the Islamic source of modern science and civilisation has been, however, noted by individual historians who have re-considered the history of their subject. Thus, in his `History of Dams,’ Norman Smith, began his chapter devoted to Islamic dams, by noting how historians of civil engineering have ignored the Muslim period, and have claimed that nothing was done by the Muslims, even worse, they have blamed the Muslims for the decline of irrigation and other engineering activities, and their eventual extinction, which is `both unjust and untrue.’ (from the Introduction)

The book's more than 500 pages are packed full with thousands of referenced facts and includes a substantial select bibliography. It is set to become the standard reference work for the subject and the starting point for anyone wanting to explore the field further.

About the Author: Dr Salah Eddin Zaimeche Al-Djazairi 

Dr Salah has lectured and researched at the University of Constantine ( Algeria ) for more than ten years. He also tutored at the Department of Geography of the University of Manchester . More recently, he has worked as a research assistant at UMIST ( Manchester ) in the field of history of science.

Dr Salah has published many academic works. Publications in scientific journals include papers on environmental degradation, and desertification, as well as papers on politics and change in North Africa , and problems of economic and social development. He has also contributed historical entries to various encyclopaedias such as the Columbia Gazetteer, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and Francophone Studies. The largest written contribution by the author has been on the subject of Muslim science and civilisation, where many of his articles, can be found (in PDF format) on the website: http://Muslimheritage.com



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