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Islamic Historiography: The Histories of Mas'udi
Tarif Khalidi - Author
Hardcover - 180 pages
Release Date: 6/30/1975
ISBN: 0-87395-282-0
Published by Suny Press New York 

This work is a study of Al-Mas'udi, a major figure in Muslim historical writing 

Abul Hasan Ali Al-Masu'di (Masoudi) (d346H)
Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Husain Ibn Ali Al-Masu'di was a descendant of Abdallah Ibn Masu'd, a companion of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). An expert geographer, a physicist and historian, Masu'di was born in the last decade of the 9th century C.E., his exact date of birth being unknown. He was a Mutazilite (or Shi'ite according to some sources) Arab, who explored distant lands and died at Cairo, in 957 C.E. (346H)
He is known as the 'Herodotus of the Arabs' because he was the first Arab to combine history and scientific geography in a large-scale work. He travelled extensively in India, the Middle East, and Africa. Al-Masudi wrote a 30-volume history of the world and recounted the experiences of his travels form Europe to India

Table Of Contents


List of Abbreviations
1. Sources and Style
Range of Sources
The Historian's Craft
History and adab
Mas'udi's Style
The isnad

2. Reflections on Historical Method
Reasons for Reflecting on History
The Background: History, Theology and the Natural
The Value of History
The Modes of Apprehension
Nature and the Supernatural
The Concept of bahth

3. Divine and Natural Factors in Human History
Introductory RemarksThe Creation of the World
Prophecy and Prophets
Natural Religion: Reason and Revelation
Nature and Society
Religion and Kingship
The Sources of Mas'údi's Views

4. The Ancient Nations
The Ancient Nations and Islam
Genealogy of Ancient Nations
The Seven Ancient Nations
Patterns in the History of Ancient Nations
The Problem of Progress

5. The Pre-Islamic Arabs and Islam
General Problems
Pre-Islamic Arabia
The Prophet's Life
The First Four Caliphs
The Umayyads
The Abbasids
Mu'tazilism and Shi'ism

A. Fragments of a Biography
B. Reconstruction of Lost Works


Vol 9 -The History of al-Tabari 
The Last Years of the Prophet: The Formation of the State A.D. 630-632/A.H. 8-11
Translated By Ismail K. Poonawala 

This volume deals with the last two and a half years of the Prophet's life. In addition to the three major expeditions to Hunanyn, Ta'if, and Tabuk, it describes in detail the circumstances surrounding the illness from which he died and the subsequent crisis of leadership faced by the nascent Muslim community. The author depicts with admirable fairness all the various opinions and divisions that existed within the community. He also presents a vivid picture of the Prophet's physical appearance, his personal life, and his marriages. Among other topics discussed in this volume are all the deputations that came to Medina; a summary of all the expeditions and raiding parties; and his scribes, freedmen, horses, camels, goats, swords, coats of mail, and so on. It also covers the apostasy of Musaylimah, Aswad, and Tulhahah and the Prophet's attempts to deal with them.

The translation not only preserves the original lively flavor of al-Tabari but also, in its annotations, draws extensively on both parallel Arabic sources and the intensive research of recent years. Readers who seek a deeper understanding of the Prophet's personality and of the reasons for antagonisms engendered among various factions will find this volume most informative.

Table of Contents

Translator's Foreword

The Events of the Year 8 (cont'd) (629/630)

An Account of the Messenger of God's Expedition against the Hawazin and the Battle of Hunayn

[The Siege of al-Ta'if]

[The Division of the Booty Captured at Hunayn and Gifts of Conciliation]

The Events of the Year 9 (630/635)

An Account of the Military Expedition to Tabuk

[An Account of the People Who Accepted Islam]

The Events of the Year 10 (635/632)

The Deputation of the Banu `Amir b. Sa`sa`ah

Disagreement about the Number of the Armies and the Raiding Parties (Saraya) Sent by the Messenger of God

Report about the Messenger of God's Pilgrimages

Report about the Messenger of God's Wives, Those Who Survived Him, Those Who Left Him, the Reason for Which They Left, and Those Who Died before Him

The Reason Why the Messenger of God Asked for the Hands of Both `A'ishah and Sawdah in Marriage and the Received Reports as to with Whom He First Contracted the Marriage

An Account of Those Women to Whom the Prophet Proposed But Did Not Marry

An Account of the Messenger of God's Slave Concubines

The Events of the Year 10 (cont'd) (631/632)

An Account of the Messenger of God's Freedmen

An Account of the Messenger of God's Scribes

The Names of the Messenger of God's Horses

The Names of the Messenger of God's Mules

The Names of the Messenger of God's Camels

The Names of the Messenger of God's Milch Camels

The Names of the Messenger of God's Milch Sheep (Mana'ih)

The Names of the Messenger of God's Swords

The Names of the Messenger of God's Bows and Lances

The Names of the Messenger of God's Coats of Mail

The Names of the Messenger of God's Shields

The Messenger of God's Names

The Messenger of God's Characteristics

The Seal of Prophethood Which He Had

His Bravery and Generosity

The Description of His Hair and Whether He Used to Dye It or Not

Report about the Beginning of the Messenger of God's Illness in Which He Died, and What He Did Just Prior to It When He Was Bewailed [for His Approaching Death]

The Events of the Year 11 (632/633)

An Account of the Day on Which the Messenger of God Died and His Age

An Account of the Saqifah

The Disagreements about His Age When He Died

The Day and the Month in Which the Messenger of God died

Bibliography of Cited Works


Index of Qur'anic Verses



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