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Principles of Deen 
By Dr Mufti Abdul Wahid
Jamia Madina Lahore, Pakistan
Translation and Edited By  Mufti Afzal Hussain Ilyas.
Hardback 224 Pages
Zam Zam Publishers , Karachi, Pakistan 

An overview of the principles of many of the Islamic sciences including discussions on
1.) Wahi ;
2.) Principles of Tafseer;
3.) Principles of Hadith ;
4.) Consensus of the Ummat (Ijma) ;
5.) Qiyaas;
6.) What is Fiqh
7.) Principles of Fiqh ;
8.) Essentials of Fiqh;
9.) Principles of ljtihaad ;
10.) Principles of Taqleed ;
11.) Principles of Sunant and Bidaat and
12.) Principles of Imaan and Kufr

Information in this book, because of its close link to classically written text will be new to many readers.
It is a useful  text book for advanced adult classes in any part of the world.

The contents, if understood, will definitely create a better rapport, link and bridge between the lay Muslims and the Ulema e Haqq. Dr. Mufti Abdul Wahid, Mufti of Jamia Madina Lahore, Pakistan, has written many other works which are compiled in syllabus form. These are taught in numerous Masaajids in Pakistan. 

A Particular emphasis on the Ijtehad of Imam Abu Hanifa and a  Close link is maintained with Classical text.

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