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Tibb - Traditional Roots of Medicine in Modern Routes to Health
By Rashid Bikha with
Hakim Muhammad Abdul Haq
Paperback 168 Pages
A Product of the The Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb
Published by Mountain of Light South Africa

Tibb or Unani-Tibb is a comprehensive healing system based on scientific data and using holistic principles. It has its roots in Greek, Egyptian, Arabic and Indian Medicine. Unani is a Persian word that means 'Ionian (greek)', and Tibb is an Arabic word meaning 'Medicine'. Tibb is a humanistic and holistic approach to health maintenance that recognizes the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical causes of illness or health, as well as the techniques of modern science and medicine. The philosophy is an assimilation of the thoughts of Hippocrates (the 'father' of western medicine), Galen, (the Greek physician) and Ibn Sina (a Persian born 10th century Islamic philosopher and physician also known as Avicenna).

The focus of Tibb is to empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health. Tibb's philosophy is that everybody has the right to be healthy. By being aware of our environment and ourselves: the air we breathe, our sleep, exercise, our emotions, digestion and elimination of wastes, and most importantly - the food and drink we consume, we can be responsible for our own health. For Tibb true healing comes from within. Tibb is not merely a medical system - it is a lifestyle.

This book is for a more complete understanding of Tibb, its philosophy, the link between each individual's temperament and illness, Tibb's diagnostic techniques and the restoration of health as well as the treatment of illnesses, 

Dr.Rashid Bhikha is the founder and chairman of Be-Tabs Pharmaceuticals, which today is the largest privately owned generic pharmaceutical company in South Africa. As a qualified pharmacist, he has, over the past years extensively researched other systems of healthcare. He obtained a certificate in Unani Medicine for Health Professionals in 1997 from Hamdard University in Pakistan. Other certificates and diplomas include a course in Ayurveda and Unani Herbal Healing.Dr. Rashid Bhikha founded the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb in 1997 to promote the practice and training of Unani-Tibb in South Africa. He is the chairperson of the South African Tibb Association, vice chairman of the Unani-Tibb Liaison Committee and has spearheaded the recognition of Unani-Tibb with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA), of which he is a council member. He is the author of "Tibb-Traditional Roots of Medicine in Modern Routes to Health as well as several other publications. As a keen sportsman,Dr. Rashid Bhikha is an Honorary Member of the Northerns Cricket Union.

Hakim Muhammed Abdul Haq, has a degree in Eastern Medicine and Surgery and has lectured at a number of prestigious institutions over the last 10 years including Hamdard University in Pakistan.


Medicinal plants in the traditions of Prophet Muhammad
Dr M I H Farooqi
Prefatory Remarks By Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi.

Paperback 223 Pages

Medicinal , aromatic and food plants mentioned in the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Deals with more than 70 plants and plant products. English, Local and Botanical names are given

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