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Allah Gave Me Two Eyes to See
Fatima M.Doyen

Allah gave me two eyes to see..
the shiny green leaves of plant and tree
the black of night
the white of snow and the colors
of the bright rainbow
the tall grey buildings
and the tiny brown bee
Allah gave me two eyes to see

Allah gave me two ears to hear...
the humming bird
humming as it draws near
the evening stillness so quiet and clear
the noisy dog's bark
as we walk in the park
my father's loud sneeze and the whispering breeze
the tea kettle singing the door bell ringing
Allah gave me two ears to hear

Allah gave me a tongue to taste
chocolate cake so fun to bake!
sour cherries and sweet blueberries
salty chips and spicy dips
cold ice cream that we eat in haste
Allah gave me a tongue to taste.

Allah gave me a nose to smell..
sweet incense and flowers around the fence
burning leaves and pepper that makes me sneeze
good food cooking, while I wait looking
in the bakery, the buns they sell
Allah gave me a nose to smell

Allah gave me skin to feel...
with fingers and toes,
elbows and heels
slippery soap and sticky gum
my kitten's soft fur and his rough, tickle tongue
bark on trees and scrapes on knees
my mother's hands made to heal
Allah gave me my skin to feel

Allah gave me ...
a mind to think and a heart to love
and thank Him for His gifts from above
a mouth to smile and praise Him all the while

Glory to Allah!
Praise to Allah!
Allahu Akbar!
Allah is the Greatest!

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