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Al-Ghazali's Path to Sufism
His Deliverance from Error 
Al Munqidh min al-Dalal
The Autobiography By
Iman Abu Hamid al-Ghazali
Translated from the Arabic By R J Mccarthy, S J
Preface by David Burrel , C.S.C
Introduced by William A Graham
Published by Fons Vitae Louisville
1-887752-30-7, , 152mm x 228mm, , Published 02/01
paperback 115 pages

This is not only an Islamic classic but also one of the great spiritual autobiographies in the religious tradition. al-Ghazali (1058-1111) is generally acclaimed as the most influential thinker of the  Classical period of Islam. This volume contains a translation of Ghazali's autobiography The Deliverance from Error, in which the Imam describes his education and his intellectual crisis, which left him so paralysed by doubt that he was forced to resign the most distinguished academic appointment of his day.
Al-Ghazali  is generally acclaimed as the most influential thinker of the  Classical period of Islam, in THIS autobiography,  the Imam describes his education and his intellectual crisis, which left him so paralysed by doubt that he   he gave up his academic pursuits and worldly interests and became a wandering ascetic. This was a process (period) of mystical transformation. Later, he resumed his teaching duties, but again left these. An era of solitary life, devoted to contemplation and writing then ensued, which led to the authorship of a number of everlasting books (Many of which have been translated in English)

About Imam Ghazali
Abu Hamid Muhammad, famous in the world of learning as al-Ghazzal  was born in 450 AH (1058 A.D). in Persia . He graduated from the Nizamia Madressa at Nishapur, with distinction.a very famous educational institution in Nishapur.  Later he was appointed as a teacher at the Nizamia College in Baghdad, where he proved very successful in imparting knowledge to the scholars under his care. This valuable gift of sustaining interest of his pupils and passing on his knowledge to them made him so famous that students from all parts of the country flocked to study under him.
Imam al-Ghazzali was  fondly referred to as the "Hujjat-ul-lslam", Proof of Islam, He is honoured as a scholar and a saint by learned men all over the world.

Imam al-Ghazzali's life was spent in self-sacrificing service of God and his fellowmen. He left behind him a fine example for all men to follow. He died in 505 AH He remains one of the most celebrated scholars in the history of Islamic thought. His exceptional life and works continue to be indispensable in the study of jurisprudence, theology, philosophy and mysticism. The books that he left behind were the result of an inquisitive mind that began the quest for knowledge at a very early stage

Preface by David Burrell 9
Introduction by William A. Graham 15
The Avenues to Sophistry and Skepticism
The Categories of Those Who Seek the Truth
The Aim and Purport of the Science of Kalam
The Categories of the Philosophers and the Fact That the Stigma of Unbelief Is Common to All of Them
The Divisions of the Philosophical Sciences
The Doctrine of Ta'limism and Its Danger
Discussion of the Ways of the Sufis
The True Nature of Prophecy and the Need All Men Have for It
The Reason for Resuming Teaching after Having Given it Up
Doctors of Hearts
The Slackness of Faith
My Return to Teaching
Remedies for the Tepid
Notes to the Translation 81

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once asked a companion: "(Is it true) that you fast all day and stand in prayer all night?  The companion replied that the report was indeed true. The Prophet then said: "Do not do that! Observe the fast sometimes and also leave (it) at other times; stand up for prayer at night and also sleep at night. Your body has a right over you, your eyes have a right over you and your wife has a right over you."


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