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Portraits from the Life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) - Ibn Kathir
Compiled from the works of Ibn Kathir, Ibn Hisham and Other Scholars

Compiled and Translated by: 
Tamir Abu As-Su'ood Muhammad
Revised and Edited by:
Noha Kamal Ed-Din Abu Al-Yazid
Paperback 107 Pages

Muhammad (SAW) brought to  posterity, a religion of pure monotheism; he created a well-disciplined State out of the existent chaos and gave peace in place of the war of everybody against everybody else; he established a harmonious equilibrium between the spiritual and the Secular, between the mosque and the citadel; he left a new system of law, which dispensed impartial justice, in which even the head of the State was as much a subject to it as any commoner, and in which religious tolerance was so great that non-Muslim inhabitants of the  Muslim state  equally enjoyed complete juridical, judicial and cultural autonomy. 

The Prophet Muhammad set a noble example and fully practiced all that he taught to others

This Small Book brings to the Pages Portraits from the Life of Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings  be upon Him).

The Five Chapters are:

The Early Days
Muhammad Chosen Prophet
The Prophet Establishes the Muslim State
The Prophet on the Battlefield
When it was Time to Leave

Followed by References


Published By Dar Al-Manarah For Translation, Publishing & Distribution , El-Mansora - Egypt 



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