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The Prisoners Of Malta (Asira'n-e-malta)
The Heart Rending Tale of Muslim Freedom Fighters in British Period

Hardback 279 Pages
bY Maulana Syed Muhammad Mian
Translators : Mohammad Anwer Hussein & Hassan Imam 
Published by Jamiat Ulama -I-Hind in Association with Manak Publications Pvt. Ltd

The Prisoners Of Malta is a translation of 'Asira'n-e-Malta' written by Maulana Muhammad Mian in Urdu many years back.  This translation in English has made the book accessible to non-urdu readers.  It throws light on almost all the activities of the two great personalities who had sacrificed their all for the cause which was dear to them.
Shaikhul Hind Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan and Shaikhul Islam Maulana Syed Hussein Ahmad Madani 

Asira'n-e-malta is the history of the perpetration of the British Raj in India against the will and wishes of its inhabitants and a Historical record of the contribution of the  Ulema-e-Hind in the Indian struggle for freedom from Colonial Rule.
Shaikhul Hind and his STUDENT  Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni (later klnown as Shaikhul Islam)  were arrested in Hijaz (Makkah) on 23 Safar, 1335 A.H.  They were sent to Malta via Cairo by a ship on 29 Rabius Sani 1335 A.H. corresponding to 21 February 1917 and clamped in the prison for 3 years and 4 months. They were released and reached Bombay on June 8, 1920. This time of returning from Malta synchronized with the period of the beginning of the Khilafat Movement.

To some extent it  is also a history of the Development of the Deobandi  Madrassah''s  in India ( prior to the it being influenced by the Wahabi Movement)

History of Muslim Civilization, Vol. I

Author: Huseyin Abiva-Noura Durkee

Paperback 366 Pages A4 

IQRA' International Educational Foundation

This Volume covers history from late antiquity to the fall of the Umayyad dynasty.

The history of any given people is not only a record of its past but also a mirror of its present and a window to its future. Every society must learn from its past and work out a plan for its future. Muslim history, in many ways, is like any other, with its own fair share of villains and champions, its moments of grandeur and tranquility and its moments of failure and disappointments. But in one way it is special to itself for it is the history of the continual opportunities, offered to every man, woman and child, of realizing themselves and becoming closer to their Creator. This book offers a unique perspective on Islamic History using authentic sources of documentation; A History of Muslim Civilization will prove to be a great textbook in Islamic history.

This is a textbook with Colour Images, Chapter review and Lesson Review Questions suitable for the Classroom as well as general Read.

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