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For Men of Understanding
Harun Yahya
288pages A4 full colour ISBN 1 842000 03 9 
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In many verses of the Qur’an, Allah calls our attention to the creation of man and invites people to ponder on this creation: "O man! What has deluded you in respect of your Noble Lord? He Who created you and formed you and proportioned you and assembled you in whatever way He willed." (Surat al-Infitar: 6- 8)

The human being is one of the living beings with the most excellent, sophisticated and amazing systems in nature, fashioned in due proportion by Allah.

The human body is an amount of flesh and bone of approximately 60-70 kilograms. As is well known, flesh is one of the most fragile materials in nature. When left in the open, it decomposes within a couple of hours, becomes maggoty within a few days and starts to stink unbearably. This feeble substance constitutes a large part of the human body. However, it is maintained without being spoilt, and without decaying, for about 70-80 years by means of the blood circulation that feeds it, and by the skin that protects it from external bacteria.

On the other hand, the skills of the body are very impressive. Each one of the five senses is a miracle. Man gets to know the external world through these senses, and lead his life peacefully thanks to the wholeness of these senses. Details that we encounter as we survey the senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste and their flawless designs are each pieces of evidence that prove the being of the Creator.

The miraculous structures of the human body are not limited to the five senses. Each of the organs facilitating our lives is a separate miracle. They all function just to meet our needs. Let's just imagine how hard life would be if we were created without hands. What would happen if we did not have legs, or if our bodies were covered with thorns, scales or a hard outer layer, instead of skin?

Moreover, the existence of complex systems in the human body, such as respiration, feeding, reproductive and defence mechanisms, and the aesthetics of the human body are each separate wonders.

As seen, there are many delicate balances in the human body. The perfect relation of the entirely interdependent systems to the other systems in the body enables man to carry on his vital functions without problem.

Moreover, he does all these without spending any extra effort, or facing any difficulties. Most of the time, the person does not even become aware of all that happens. Man is not aware of many things: the time when digestion starts or ends in his stomach, the rhythm of his heart, the blood’s carrying exactly the required material to exactly the right places, and his seeing and hearing.

A flawless system has been established in the human body and it works perfectly. This is the creation of Allah, Who regulates all affairs from the heavens to the earth. Allah creates everything, every detail and every living being in the universe. The design we confront when we closely examine the human body is evidence of the uniqueness and flawlessness of Allah’s art of creation.

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