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The Holy Qur'an (Arabic - Roman Transliteration & English  Translation)
Translation of Meaning
by Abdullah Yusuf Ali


The Holy Qur'an (Arabic - Roman Transliteration & English  Translation)
Translation of Meaning
by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Transliteration in Roman Script by M A H Eliyasee
Published In India  (Reasonably Good Quality)
A4 Lager Side c.603 Pages
(Cover may not be exactly the same as the Image)

The Arabic text is printed ...in parallel columns with Transliteration  and the English Text. The Quality of Print is good given that it is printed in India 
Vocalised Arabic Script  (Commonly Used in India/Pakistan) makes  it easy for the Non Arab Speakers.

Surah 107 - Al Ma'un or Neighbourly  Needs
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

1. Seest thou one who denies the Judgment (to come)?
2. Then such is the one who repulses the orphan 
3. And encourages not the feeding of the indigent.
4. So woe to the worshippers
5. Who are neglectful of their prayers,
6. Those who (want but) to be seen 
7. But refuse (to supply) (even) neighbourly needs.

'A Book, whereof the verses are explained in detail;- a Qur'an in arabic, for people who understand;-'
Kitabun fussilat ayatuhuu qur-aanan arabiyy liqawminy- yalamuun
TM Qur'an Ha-Mim (or Fussilat) 41:3 






The means of developing Khushoo'  

Striving to gain that which gives and strengthens khushoo’  

This can be achieved in several ways, such as the following:

Preparing oneself for prayer properly

For example:

ã       By repeating the words of the adhaan after the muezzin;

ã       By pronouncing the du’aa’ to be recited after the adhaan: “Allaahummah Rabba haadhihi’l-da’wati’l-taammah wa’-salaati’l-qaa’imah, aati Muhammadan il-waseelata wa’l-fadeelah, wab’ath-hu’l-maqaam al-mahmood alladhi wa’adtah (O Allaah, Lord of this perfect call and the prayer to be offered, grant Muhammad the privilege (of interceding) and also the eminence, and resurrect him to the praised position that You have promised)”;

ã       Reciting du’aa’ between the adhaan and the iqaamah;

ã       Doing wudoo’ properly, saying Bismillaah before it and making dhikr and saying the du’aa’ after it, “Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha ill-Allaah wahdahu laa shareeka lah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasooluhu (I bear witness that there is no god except Allaah alone, with no partner or associate, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and messenger)” and “Allaahummaj’alni min al-tawwaabeena waj’alni min al-mutatahhireen (O Allaah, make me of those who repent and make me of those who purify themselves)”;

ã       Using siwaak to cleanse and perfume the mouth that is going to recite Qur’aan in a short while, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Purify your mouths for the Qur’aan.” (Reported by al-Bazzaar, who said: we do not have it with any better isnaad than this. Kashf al-Astaar, 1/242. Al-Haythami said: its men are thiqaat. 2/99. Al-Albaani said: its isnaad is jayyid. Al-Saheehah, 1213);

ã       Wearing one’s best and cleanest clothes, because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “O Children of Adam! Take your adornment (by wearing your clean clothes) while praying…” [al-A’raaf 7:31]. Allaah is most deserving of seeing us “take our adornment” for Him. Clean, pleasant smelling clothes are also more comfortable and relaxing, unlike clothes for sleeping or working in.  

We should also prepare ourselves by covering our ‘awrah properly, purifying the spot where we are going to pray, getting ready early and waiting for the prayer, and making the rows straight and solid, without any gaps, because the shayaateen come in through the gaps in the rows.

Moving at a measured pace during prayer

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to move at a measured pace during salaah, allowing every bone to return to its place. (Its isnaad is classed as saheeh in Sifat al-Salaat, p. 134, 11th edn. Ibn Khuzaymah also classed it as saheeh as mentioned by al-Haafiz in al-Fath, 2/308). He commanded those who were not doing their prayer properly to do this too. He said, “None of you has prayed properly until he does this.” (Reported by Abu Dawood, 1/536, no. 858).


Abu Qutaadah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘The worst type of thief is the one who steals from his prayer.’ He said, ‘O Messenger of Allaah, how can a person steal from his prayer?’ He said, ‘By not doing rukoo’ and sujood properly.’” (Reported by Ahmad and al-Haakim, 1/229; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 997).

 Abu ‘Abd-Allaah al-Ash’ari (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, ‘The one who does not do rukoo’ properly, and pecks in sujood, is like a starving man who eats only one or two dates; it does not do him any good at all.’” (Reported by al-Tabaraani in al-Kabeer, 4/115. In Saheeh al-Jaami’ it says, hasan).  

The one who does not move at a measured pace in his prayer cannot have khushoo’ because haste is a barrier to khushoo’ and pecking like a crow is a barrier to reward.



Remembering death whilst praying



107.001. Hast thou observed him who belieth religion ?
107.002. That is he who repelleth the orphan,
107.003. And urgeth not the feeding of the needy.
107.004. Ah, woe unto worshippers
107.005. Who are heedless of their prayer;
107.006. Who would be seen (at worship)
107.007. Yet refuse small kindnesses!



Surah al-Balad

1 Lā 'Uqsimu Bihazāl Balad Nay, I swear by this city -
2 Wa 'Anta Ĥillun Bihaaā Al-Baladi  And thou art an indweller of this city -
3 Wa Wālidin Wa Mā Walada  And the begetter and that which he begat,
4 Laqad Khalaqnā Al-'Insāna Fī Kabadin We verily have created man in an atmosphere:
5 'Ayaĥsabu 'An Lan Yaqdira `Alayhi 'Aĥadun Thinketh he that none hath power over him ?
6 Yaqūlu 'Ahlaktu Mālāan Lubadāan  And he saith: I have destroyed vast wealth:
7 'Ayaĥsabu 'An Lam Yarahu 'Aĥadun Thinketh he that none beholdeth him ?
8 'Alam Naj`al Lahu `Aynayni  Did We not assign unto him two eyes
9 Wa Lisānāan Wa Shafatayni  And a tongue and two lips,
10 Wa Hadaynāhu An-Najdayni  And guide him to the parting of the mountain ways ?
11 Falā Aqtaĥama Al-`Aqabata  But he hath not attempted the Ascent -
12 Wa Mā 'Adrāka Mā Al-`Aqabatu  Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Ascent is! -
13 Fakku Raqabatin  (It is) to free a slave,
14 'Aw 'Iţ`āmun Fī Yawmin Dhī Masghabatin  And to feed in the day of hunger.
15 Yatīmāan Dhā Maqrabatin  An orphan near of kin,
16 'Aw Miskīnāan Dhā Matrabatin  Or some poor wretch in misery,
17 Thumma Kāna Mina Al-Ladhīna 'Āmanū Wa Tawāşaw Biş-Şabri Wa Tawāşaw Bil-Marĥamati  And to be of those who believe and exhort one another to perseverance and exhort one another to pity.
18 'Ūlā'ika 'Aşĥābu Al-Maymanati  Their place will be on the right hand.
19 Wa Al-Ladhīna Kafarū Bi'āyātinā Hum 'Aşĥābu Al-Mash'amati  But those who disbelieve Our revelations, their place will be on the left hand.
20 `Alayhim Nārun Mu'uşadatun  Fire will be an awning over them.



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