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In Pursuit of Virtue
Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi
- translated by Dr. M. Abu Laylah
214 pages Paperback A5 ISBN 090746176X 
Ref: 67t Price: £4.95

A study of the main elements in the moral theology and psychology of the renowned Andalusian scholar Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi, with a translation of his book Al-Akhlaq wa'l-Sufral.
Ibn Hazm lived in Al-Andalus (Spain) in the fourth and fifth century Hijri
This book is not a scholastic enquiry into the nature of moralitry, but a book with practical advice on aspect of one's life.
Excerp  taken from chapter IX - 
" 257. If you take pride in your physical strength, remember that the mule, the donkey, and the bull are stronger than you and better suited to carrying heavy loads. If you feel vain about the lightness of your running  style, remember that the dog and the hare surpass you in this field. It is extremely curious that rational beings feel proud of something in  which they are surpassed by dumb animals."
Note: Ibn Hazm is well known for following the Zahiriyya (literalist) school devised originally by Dawud ibn al Isfahani (d.270 AH) and became it's founding father in it's developed form . 
He was opposed by many scholars of his time in Cordoba and Valencia. Some of his books were publicly burned as a mark of punishment by the command of al-Mu'tamid ibn Abbas in Seville.
During the brief period he spend in Almeira he engaged in active debates with Jews and Christians, and was very much involved in the study of other religion.
However even his enemies and  critics acknowledged that his learning was vast and deep.



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