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The Best Divisions for Knowledge of the Regions
Ahsan Al-Taqasim Fi Ma'rifat Al-Aqalim
Translated by Professor Basil Collins
Reviewed by Dr. Muhammad Hamid Alta'i
Paperback 498 Pages 
Published by Garnet UK

"Al-Muqaddasi was born in the year 945 of the Common Era (CE), which corresponds to the year 334 of the Islamic calendar (AH), and he died towards the close of the millennium. Defining the area of his study as that where the presence of the religious and political institutions of Islam dominated, he traveled throughout the regions observing, enquiring, researching, corroborating, weighing and sifting evidence, taking notes and writing drafts.
 Ahsan al-Taqasim fi Ma'rifat al-Aqalim, The Best Divisions for Knowledge of the Regions, was eventually published in 985CE/375AH, and a revised edition was produced three years later. Al-Muqaddasi attributes his motivation for travelling for twenty years, suffering hardships, and writing about his travels, to divine inspiration: the accomplishment would be pleasing to his Lord, and would give life to his own memory. At the same time( there  are  suggestion that he journeyed as an agent for the Fatimid regime in Egypt) ed. Whatever the reason for his travels, al-Muqaddasi shows himself to be a hardy, intelligent, versatile, resourceful and well-informed man. 
He designed his book to appeal to a variety of interests, and even to entertain. Yet, quite strikingly, his perspective on aspects of the geographical method touches on concerns which have received greater attention only in more recent times. For example, his ranking of settlements according to their functions is quite prescient, his use of maps in accord with modern practice and his excursion into determinism based on toponymy is, to say the least, unusual. 

All in all, al-Muqaddasi's work bespeaks an interested and interesting man, seeing his world through a frame of reference derived from his deeply held Islamic belief, yet he is capable of making his assessments with probity and common sense, striving scrupulously to get at the truth of the matter as a true scientist.

Early in the second half of the nineteenth century the German orientalist Aloys Sprenger brought to the attention of the West a manuscript of al-Muqaddasi’s work. Sprenger’s enthusiasm over the content of the manuscript was reflected in his judgment that its author was the greatest geographer of all time. The translation by Basil Collins published here is the first rendition into a Western language of al-Muqaddasi’s treatise.

Basil Collins is Professor of Geography and Planning at the University of Toledo in the United States.
Mohammad Alta’i obtained his BA at the University of Baghdad in 1943 and his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Maryland in the United States in 1953.

2000 • 498 pages • 240 x 168 mm • Paper  • ISBN 1 85964 136 9

1994 • 498 pages • 240 x 168 mm • Cased  • ISBN 1 87393 814 4  (For HB, please request by email)

‘excellent work . . . Its accuracy and readability, together with the concise and extremely well-informed introduction, are accomplishments worthy of such a promising series’
Journal of Islamic Studies


Excellent Work On Geography by Classical Islamic Scholar



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