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The Voluminous Interpretations of Dreams  
Tafsir Al-Ahlam by Ibn Sirin

By Imam Muhammad bin Sirin
Rendered Into English: S Abi Azar
Corrected and Revised : F Amira Zrein Matraji
Index : M Raza
Hardback 624 Page
Published by Idara-e-Islamiat , Lahore Pakistan

'There are three types of dreams: The reflection of one's thoughts and experiences one has during wakefulness, what is suggested by Satan to frighten the dreamer, or glad tidings from Allah. So, if someone has a dream which he dislikes, he should not tell it to others, but get up and offer a prayer."

Detailed explanations about various types of dreams as well as  what needs  to be taken into account when interpreting a dreams , when is a  dream regarded as true or false etc.
Ibn Sirin is one of most highly regarded Classical Scholars of the First Century Hijri, born in Basra in 33 AH. Among his contemporaries were Imam Anas Bin Malik, Al-Hassan Al-Basri, Ibn Aown, Al-Fudhayl, Bin Iyadh and Others.

The Interpretation of Dreams is a Complex Subject so this books can only be used as a reference but real interpretation can only be carried out by experts in this field as Imam Ibn Sirin himself says:

'There is no type of knowledge and wisdom which is not needed in the interpretation of dreams, even mathematics, shares of inheritance, judgements, Arabic and its strange words for the meaning of names, parables, laws of the deen and religious practices, the lawful and unlawful, the prayer, wudu', and other knowledge. Dispute in it is used as analogy and the meaning is taken from it. So the principles of commentary which you possess are more successful in interpretation than what the dreamer tells you to try to make you abandon the principles, even if you consider him to be a truthful, reliable person.'


Please Note: Imported Book so The Cover could be slightly bruised due to transportation etc 


Omar Bin Abd Al-Aziz :

By  Al Hafiz Jamaludeen Abi Al-Faraj Abd Ar Rahman bin Al Jawzi Al-Quarashi and Al- Baghdadi
Sirat Wa Manaqib Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz

Translated by Dr Mahmoud Salami (Associate Professor of English)
Published by Dar Al-Kotob Al- Ilmiyah, Beirut, Lebanon
Hardback 403 Pages 


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